Investigation process

How is the process?

Investigation process


• If you are one of the repeat MuSPAD participants who received an invitation by post or email, you can then use your appointment code to make an appointment for a blood sample collection at your study site by phone or online.

• The date check takes place on site. Please bring your declaration of consent and the follow-up questionnaire with you (this can optionally be completed in advance online via LimeSurvey from home).

• Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 will also receive a release from confidentiality and will be asked to name the doctors and hospitals who looked after them during the illness in order to be able to obtain further data.

• Once the consent form has been signed, blood collection can begin.

• Approximately 15 ml of blood is taken from each participant for the blood sample, processed on site and then sent to the appropriate laboratory for analysis.

• In some cases we will also ask you to take two drops of capillary blood yourself, which you will take from your fingertip (finger prick method).

• All data collected from you and biosamples collected are stored or stored in pseudonymised form.

• After the analysis of the blood samples, participants will receive their results by post if they have given their consent.

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