Examination process

How is the procedure?

Examination process

Prior to the actual blood sampling, an appointment must be made by phone or online.

On-site information will take place and study participants will be given an informed consent and a short questionnaire. Individuals with an acute or past COVID-19 disease will also be given a declaration of release from confidentiality and asked to name physicians and hospitals that cared for them during the disease in order to obtain further data. The study team on-site will complete a short questionnaire with the study participants in the PIA app (Google Play Store, Apple App Store) via interview.

In addition, each participant will be given a postage-paid return envelope containing a longer questionnaire or the participant receives online login data to complete the questionnaire at home.

For the blood sample, approximately 9ml of blood will be taken from each participant, processed on site, and then sent to the responsible laboratories for analysis.
Participants will receive their results by mail after the blood samples have been analyzed, if they have consented to this.

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