Investigation process

How is the process?

Investigation process

An appointment at the examination center must be made by phone or web-based before the actual blood sample is taken.

An explanation takes place on site and the study participants are given a declaration of consent and a short questionnaire. People with an acute or survived COVID-19 illness also receive a release from secrecy and are asked to name the doctors and hospitals who looked after them during the illness so that they can obtain further data.

In addition, each participant receives a postage-free envelope with a comprehensive questionnaire or online login data to fill out the questionnaire at home. The investigation team fills out a short questionnaire in the PIA app with the study participants on site ( Google Play Store , Apple App Store ) out in the form of an interview. For this, the participants receive their own access data.

For the blood sample, approx. 9ml of blood is taken from each participant, processed on site and then sent to the appropriate laboratories for analysis.

After the analysis of the blood samples, participants will receive their results in the mail if they have given their consent.

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